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Dog Show Secretary Services
1. Design, prepare, print and mail/email premium lists in a format as prescribed by AKC.
2. Report regularly to the Show Chairperson.
3. Collect all entries (via mail and internet) and tabulate moneys received. Moneys are to be forwarded to the Club Treasurer for deposit every 2 weeks or sooner if the amount warrants.
4. Answer questions exhibitors or potential exhibitors may have concerning the show with the exception as to who is entered, break-down of numbers entered in classes, etc.
5. Keep accurate tabulations of entries as they are received so as to verify when classes may be reaching capacity.
6. Keep contents of entries confidential until show opens.
7. Provide and prepare armbands (and rubberbands) for all participants.
8. Prepare judges books in accordance with AKC requirements.
9. Maintain records of all dogs entered to be listed in the catalog.
10. Upon closing, provide a count to Show Chairperson to order ribbons.
11. Design and prepare catalog in accordance with AKC requirements. Have catalogs printed.
12. Work with the Show Chairperson to develop a Judging Schedule Program.
13. Mail/Email entry acknowledgments and judging schedule to all exhibitors once entries have closed. 2 copies must also be sent to AKC at this time.
14. Arrive at the show a minimum of 1 hour before show hours so as to ensure that the rings are ready, stewards are prepared to check in exhibitors and judges are prepared to begin.
15. Have all AKC required forms and booklets available.
16. Be available throughout the day to handle any issues and problems in a professional manner. Work with the Show Committee to resolve these issues.
17. Post show results on website.
18. Verify that the judges have accurately completed their judging book.
19. Provide all judges and show giving club marked catalogs.
20. Send all required information (reports, marked catalogs, judges books, etc.) to the AKC so as to be received by the AKC within 7 days of the show.
21. Maintain copies of all entries and documentation of show for one year.

Cost: $3.50 per entry plus costs & expenses. More details available on request.
Entries R Specialty Services
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